Carolan's Receipt

MP3 Carolan's Receipt, The music of Carolan, Volume 1: Music

Carolan's Receipt
This CD gives modern listeners a rare opportunity to experience the musical outpouring of baroque Ireland with a truly compelling collection of ancient music. Influenced by Vivaldi, Corelli, and Geminiani, O'Carolan's music builds a bridge between the folk melodies of Ireland and the classical traditions of the baroque era. His legacy is a body of work that is distinctively Irish yet truly international.

Derek Bell, Carolan's receipt, The music of Carolan, Volume 1
This is a classic harp recording, in many senses of the word. Derek Bell, the well-known harper from The Chieftains, is unquestionably one of the true greats of the Irish harp world. Breaking new ground in 1975, Bell put out this unique collection of tunes by legendary Irish harper Turlough O'Carolan, as featured on O'Carolan's instrument -- the Irish harp. Bell uses both the ancient Irish wire-strung harp and the newer, gut strung version on this recording, demonstrating his proficiency with both. This recording was not only the first such collection of exclusively O'Carolan tunes, it was also an outstanding showcase of the differences between the gut and wire strung versions of the harp itself.

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