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The Thistle & Shamrock interview with Davy Spillane
One of Ireland's most talented uilleann pipes and low whistle players, Davy Spillane was born in Dublin in 1959. A founding member of the group Moving Hearts, Davy has recorded for Sony Classical, Tara Music, and Cooking Vinyl, among others.

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Davy signed a multi album deal with Tara and went on to record four albums, 'Atlantic Bridge', 'Out Of The Air', 'Shadow Hunter' and 'Pipedreams'. He is also the featured soloist, together with Andy Irvine, on the album East Wind and a soloist on The Seville Suite composed by Bill Whelan. Both of these albums were produced by Bill Whelan and were influential forerunners to his hugely successful recording of Riverdance which also features Davy Spillane.


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