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Mission Statement



          The ties between the Nations of Ireland and the United States pre-date, by a wide margin, even the dramatic days of the American Revolution. Since the first building blocks were laid in the foundation of this nation, the Irish have been seamlessly woven into the fabric of every tapestry of modern American culture. Whether it was flight from tyranny or persecution during the past two centuries, or more recently the pursuit of greater opportunity, the Irish have come to the shores of America with a treasure trove of custom and tradition. Nearly every aspect of Art, Music, Sport and Entertainment has been indelibly stamped with the Irish brand, and today’s American culture has been so richly rewarded because of it.


          It is the mission of the Irish-American Cultural Exchange to herald and promote all aspects of Art, Music and Sport in both great countries, to explore our mutual diversities, and to champion what binds us together.


          The Irish-American Cultural Exchange (The Exchange) is an American incorporated Not- For- Profit organization (501- c-3). The structure includes an advisory board comprised of relevant organizations with the shared interest of promoting cultural exchange between Ireland and the United States.


          The first initiative pursuant to the Exchange’s goal has been to attract a National Football League regular season game to Dublin in the autumn of 2010. It is our belief that such an event will positively affect American tourism to Ireland, and also serve to further intertwine our two great cultures. Exchange Chairman Alfred J. Cooley began in-depth negotiations with the senior management of the NFL in November 2008. Pursuant to these goals, he has also been in contact with government officials, league representatives and potential corporate sponsors who have warmly embraced the program.


          For the past two years the NFL has brought regular season play to Wembley Stadium in London, generating a significant positive impact to that country’s economy. The Exchange strongly believes that an event in Dublin will achieve an even greater result. We come to this conclusion with the careful consideration of the historical Irish-American demographic in key markets in the United States. It is conceivable that thousands of fans of Irish-American descent will choose to visit Ireland surrounding an event of this magnitude.


At the same time, the interest level in American style football within Ireland has exploded as well. The timing for an NFL regular season game to be played on Irish soil could not possibly be more opportune.


The Irish-American Cultural Exchange has also been in discussions with Major League Baseball in an effort to attract a three game regular season series to Dublin. This program would be held at either Croke Park or the newly rebuilt Lansdowne Road Stadium (Aviva Stadium), and could develop into a series of multiple three game competitions throughout the baseball season.



 The Irish-American Cultural Exchange is also seeking, as well, to bring other forms of Art, Music and Sport, borne in Ireland to the United States as well.


        It is with great enthusiasm that we pursue this endeavor, and we look forward to your participation and support.